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What’s happening in Sheguindah.

Why thousands of indigenous women have gone missing in Canada?

When Indigenous Women go missing, “For me, they’re missing. Not kidnapped. Not trafficked. Not until we know for sure.”  Tolley, the leader in Families of Sisters in Spirit says. Canada’s government usually defines a missing person as “anyone reported to police or by...

Chief agree to protect pickerel spawn

SHEGUIANDAH—Members of the Little Current Fish and Game Club (LCFGC) met in December with the newly-elected chief of the Sheguiandah First Nation over the club’s concerns regarding the netting of walleye during the spring spawning season. Both the chief...

Moccasin makers’ magic

LITTLE CURRENT—Love is in the air at Little Current Public School, where Grade 7 students worked diligently to handcraft 21 pairs of teeny-tiny moccasins for babies in local First Nation communities. The heartfelt project began in the fall,...

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