Sheguiandah First Nation community members will be self-reliant, proud and prosperous
and enjoy healthy, efficient and affordable homes.

Operating an effective and self-sustaining Housing Program that works toward housing self-reliance for members through social, rental and private ownership.

As a First Nation community on Manitoulin Island, we take pride in our land that is located on the Sheguiandah 24 reserve which is 10 km from Little Current and a 55 km drive from South Baymouth. We continue our efforts to support, grow and protect our community daily.

Our people’s tribal ancestry is a mix of Ojibway, Ottawa, and Potawatomi who for over 9,000 years came here to quarry quartzite from our mothers land. In 1954 Sheguiandah was declared as a national historic site for its rich archaeological importance which has lent to major breakthroughs and developments in the Historical knowledge and understanding of Canada’s Navie, the research has helped us understand the lives of our ancestors and to help categorize and develop our understanding of the three era periods known for humans here in New World. 

Paleoindian Period (15000 – 7000 B.C.)

The Paleo-Indian period spans from approximately 15,000 B.C. to the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age about 7,000 B.C. The period marks the first colonization of the New World by Homo sapiens.

Woodland Period (1000 B.C. – 1000 A.D.)

The Woodland period fills the gap between the Archaic period and the arrival of Columbus. Within this period the development of more advanced technologies like axes, bows, textile manufacturing and more structured economy and trade took place.

Manitoulin Island was inhabited by an Ojibway *Clan made up mainly of Ottawa’s. However, it is known that the Noka *Clan were far more numerous than all other Ojibway *Clans. Many Ojibway People from Wisconsin and Michigan migrated to Manitoulin Island throughout the 19th century.

*Clan can be and is normally replaced with Nation, Totem, or Tribe.


HOUSING MATTERS at Sheguiandah First Nation

For every person, every day brings about challenges that come in a variety
of shapes and forms.  When we take a look at the community, one of the most
prevalent issues we want to tackle is that of being able to provide safe,
healthy and affordable homes.  Like other First Nations, we also face
similar conditions where there are mouldy and sometimes overcrowded homes
or homes that were poorly constructed.  We just have to take a short walk
or drive around the Rez and you will see abandoned or dilapidated homes.
Our mission is simple, let’s be the solution to these problems with the
understanding that it won’t happen overnight but with time, patience and
understanding WE can live in homes that we can be proud of.

What the SFN Housing Department is all about is bringing change to how
things are done.  We want to ensure you’re happy with your home and that
eventually, you will happily pay the rent.

We recently completed renovating a home in SFN. The tenant had multiple issues including mould, drafty windows and doors, poor HRV and heating, questionable plumbing and electrical… However, when we were done, his words
were simple… *”I’m so f**king happy, I want to pay rent now!!”*

We have started to plan and strategize ways of improving the delivery of housing programs and services for SFN.  We have included the community, leadership and administration in formulating the strategy.

Keep watching and stay informed!

Let’s Get In Touch

Communication is key to understanding!  Have any questions for us?  Feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you.

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